Heavenly Father,

We need You. Help us to see that taking matters into our own hands to fill our own voids is hurting more than it is healing. Often times, the counterfeit that we accept, looks like the real thing when we are operating through the patterns of brokenness. When our perception has been tainted by heartbreak, altered by dishonor, and perverted by lust, we tend to choose things that feel good to us, but feelings are temporary. Lord, anything outside of Your will is temporary, so give us the wisdom and discipline it takes to walk in the purpose You have for us.

Lord, posture our hearts in reverence for You. Forgive us for placing romantic relationships above intimacy with You. Father, we need You. We need You to heal the hurt and the pain. We’ve tried it on our own. Help us to get out of our own way. Interrupt the cycles of going from person to person, trying to find that love we’ve always wanted. Lord, help us to see Your love for us. For Your love is like no other. Your joy is not like the world gives. Father, Your love has no end. It has no boundaries, no conditions. It only leads us to a life of fulfillment. The things we are chasing after will never fill us, God. Help us to become one with that truth and understanding!

Rebuild our faith in You, Jesus. We want a relationship with You. Remove every person that is not from You, God, and help us to trust in YOU, for we know that a solid relationship is built on trust, and until we begin to fully trust You, we will continue to seek security and validation in everything else, but Lord, we come against that bad habit, right now, in the name of Jesus, and we speak clarity and discernment over our heart and mind. Lord, we give you our faulty decision making in exchange for decisiveness. Help us to make decisions that reflect Your love for us, decisions that mirror Your character! I pray these words in faith and expectancy of Your deliverance for us, in Jesus name.