Be Encouraged

For BlogYou are worth the wait.

You are worth the discipline, sacrifice, and maturity it takes to endure waiting.

You are worth more than what meets the eye.

You are worth more than the meaningless conversations that only stroke a person’s ego.


Ladies: Don’t settle for being a man’s fix, when you were created to be a man’s FAVOR. (Proverbs 18:22)

Gentlemen: Don’t settle your strength on women who only want to ruin Kings. (Proverbs 31:3) NIV

Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t see the God in you; instead, choose someone who will not only discern the difference, but will be driven enough to feed your spirit and not your flesh.

And most of all, don’t settle for “potential” when you were made for PURPOSE!


If you are hoping for a loving, faithful relationship that resembles your respect for God, don’t give up on that desire! Time is not running out, and what you want is not impossible! You were fearfully and wonderfully made, (Psalm 139:14) which means you were designed for honorable love! I know it’s hard to watch everyone around you obtain relationships, but you just never know what happens behind closed doors, and the only thing worse than not waiting on God, is wishing you did. Remember this: A relationship doesn’t define you, complete you, and neither does it resolve the pain. Get busy working on being someone you’d want to love. It starts with you!

P.S. this was for me, just as much as it was anyone else! Don’t think for a second that I don’t NEED what I write! 😊

Wait on The LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on The Lord.” 

Psalm 27:14 KJV


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